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Being healthy and fit Health, it is said is wealth. People are conscious of this fact and try their best to remain fit. However, we often mistake being thin as being fit. The truth is totally different. Weight, whether it is too much or too less, is a cause of concern for it is an indicator of health. It is often that we come across people who are struggling with shedding the calories off and maintaining that perfect figure. There is a lot of money that is spent on advertising and marketing of weight loss techniques and supplements all over the world. How being too thin is unhealthy? There are some people who are on the other extreme of the weighing scale. These people find it difficult to gain weight despite a huge intake of calories. These people eat all the junk they can lay their hands on without any significant change in their physical appearance. You might think ‘how lucky’ but they surely do not feel the same for they are always looking at ways to gain weight. It is not that they are unhealthy well not all of them but being really thin is not a good idea. If not the physical health, it does have an impact on the mental health and their personalities. In a bid to gain weight and muscles, people might resort to eating food that is not healthy and might lead to them putting on weight in areas where it is not needed. If you are one of those for whom not being able to gain weight has started effecting personal life and if nothing that you have tried so far has worked, maybe it time you took help from experts in the field. There are people who can guide you both on the nutritional intake as well as on the physical exercise required. You just need to find people or companies who have a reputation in the field else you might get conned into buying products that are not genuine. A trustworthy name in the field of authentic health supplements is Bauer Nutrition. For more than a decade now, its team of nutrition professionals, fitness and health consultants offer the best advice for diet in terms of supplements. The company does not compromise on the quality of its products that are manufactured under stringent FDA approved facilities using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. For those wishing to gain some weight and muscle mass, the company has a product – ‘Weight Gain’ which has helped many customers reach their desired goal. What is Weight Gain? Weight Gain is a health supplement that with its unique composition has been specially formulated by the team at Bauer Nutrition to ensure that you gain both weight and muscle mass. This supplement is a blend of proteins and carbohydrates whose intake ensure that you maximize the muscle mass. The reason why some people are unable to gain muscles despite working out in the gyms and eating in excess is because they have a high metabolism rate. This results in them burning off most of the calories that they intake with seemingly less physical exercise. On top of this if they overdo physical fitness aspect they can shed more than required. This is why Weight Gain is the ideal option for them to maximize the intake of the right nutrients. If you take Weight Gain in the prescribed quantity, you can be sure of staying within limits of your daily calorie intake. How does Weight Gain help? Weight Gain has a 60:40, carbohydrate to protein ratio in it. This helps you capitalize on the calories required by your body to build muscles. It also ensures that in the process of muscle building you do not accumulate extra calories and unnecessary fat. However, simply eating Weight Gain will not do the trick, you will have to hit the gym and workout on a regular basis. After you exercise in the gym, your muscles have been stretched and strained beyond their normal routine. This is the time that you need nutrition so that they can recover from the strain and you are ready for the next day. Intake of this supplement in regulated dosage, after the workout routine, will help your muscles recover much faster. After a few days of regular use you will be able to see the results. In fact while you consume this supplement, you will notice the best transformations in your body. How to use Weight Gain This supplement is consists of proteins and carbohydrates that can be easily absorbed by the body. This includes whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, banana flavour, xanthan gum thickener, sucralose for sweetening etc. The supplement is available in chocolate and strawberry flavours to make it more palatable. Weight Gain is to be consumed like a milk shake. Take about 30gm of the powder and mix with little milk to make a paste. Then add 400ml of milk to this paste and whisk in the blender. You can take this up to 4 times in a day. The total amount of the supplement that you can consume in a day is 120g. If you wish you can also mix it in the milk that you will consume for breakfast like with oatmeal or cornflakes. Is Weight Gain safe? There are many supplements in the market that promise you almost instant results. This might be tempting but remember that gaining weight is not an easy task and needs to be handled carefully else you will end up with layers of fat. Most of the supplements in the market have chemicals amongst their components which might be harmful. In contrast to these, Weight Gain from Bauer Nutrition is made after a lot of research by experts in the field. The product is perfectly safe and there have been no reported side effects. The effect that the supplement has differs from individual to individual depending on the body type so there is no guaranteed time period in which the results will show. How to order Weight Gain? You can order Weight Gain online from the company’s website. The website has a fully secure payment portal so you need not worry about entering the bank details etc. The company offers free shipping to anywhere in the world without any minimum quantity requirements. In fact, if you are not completely convinced by the effectiveness of the product, you can cash on the special savings offer which gives you the facility for a trouble free 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not happy with the product, you can return it back to the company within 60 days and they will refund your money. You are eligible for a refund if you can return the unused bottles in their original container. The company is running a special buy 3 get 3 offer on their site across all products. Reviews from satisfied customers I have always been on the skinnier side probably because growing up I had a weak immune system and was always down with fever or cold. These things became a thing of the past after I grew up but I was never able to have a bit of fat or a muscular body. It started bothering me when I reached college and saw how I was different from other students in physical appearance. I went to the gym and there I chanced on a catalogue from Bauer Nutrition on supplement. There were many products and none has any side effects so I decided to try them. Three months later, I can see signs of muscles on me. I have also joined a gym and work out regularly as advised by the instructor. When I ordered the supplement, I knew that I could return it back if there were no visible changes but I am glad to say that last week I have order the second pack. I absolutely love this product and the way it has changed me. Thomas Boland After high school, when I joined college, I wanted to be a part of the boxing team. I had stamina and height but my built did not support me. A boxer needs to have both muscle power and stamina for winning a match. I could understand why I wasn’t even given a trial for the boxing team but I was hurt all the same. Not knowing what to do, I went to the coach to ask for his advice. He suggested Weight Gain from Bauer Nutrition. I had not heard about the product but I trusted the coach. I ordered enough to last me 3 months. Meanwhile I read up on muscle building exercises and started working out regularly. The combination of the supplement and exercise helped me gain the much needed bulk. I became a part of the boxing team last month and am going for my first match soon. Thanks all to Weight Gain from Bauer Nutrition. Phil James