What is Dianabol UK

Methandrostenolone is informally known as Dianabol (Averbol, Danabol) is anabolic which is developed in Germany and is released in US by Ciba Specialty chemicals works as orally effective supplement. Dianabol UK is very popular among body builders and was banned in many countries. It is easily available in some countries like Mexico without prescription. It is used in increasing strength, size and performance. It carries both the traits anabolic as well as androgenic which provide it to be best suited for size and strength.

Low Dose Dianabol UK as UK Muscle Product:

Dianabol for sale is trade name for supplement Methandrostenolone and is strong oral supplement. It is mainly used for filling in muscle mass and strength in short duration of time. You can buy tablet from Alpha Pharma in 50tabs x 10mg.
Dianabol is widely popular for its bulking ability in short span of time that you will normally feel change in your muscle after one week of taking capsule. It is normally consumed from 6-8weeks and its use is strictly prohibited after 8 weeks as it can directly harm your liver. Try to get as most as possible while maintaining your general health.
This anabolic supplement work well in bulking cycle with DecaDurabolin and Testosterone Enanthate. Average dose intake should be between 15mg to 100mg for best use. One of the drawbacks faced by Dianabol is its short life span of 4hours. Because of this reason your intake of dose needs to be 2 or 3 separate with equal interval throughout the day.
Some supplement users like to consume anabolic supplement all at one time instead of taking it at three different equal interval as they feel taking supplement before one hour of doing exercise they get better workout and effect by increasing their blood concentration level. This fact is not proved medically or scientifically.

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Why buy Dianabol 10mg in UK?

Dianabol as a cheap supplement UK is mainly used for body building but very less evidence is gathered in this regard. The main benefit of Dianabol is provide fat free muscle mass this is the reason why bodybuilders consume this anabolic supplement.

Where to Buy Crazybulk Legal supplement UK

If you are performance orienting athlete or started working on your body for better performance good chance is standing near you in the form of Dianabol. The reason for this is simple as Dianabol is very effective in body building and main reason for its increase in use; it is very cheap as compared to other supplement available in market. Anabolic supplement very famous which is normally seen in every gym is little 5mg pink supplement.

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Reasons to Buy Muscle Supplement

Dianabol is very famous Cheap anabolic supplement which is used for increasing strength and size and very effective as compared to its cousin available in market. Its primary role is giving bulkiness to your body up to 20lbs in few weeks. It should be kept in mind that by taking anabolic supplement is not enough for increase in size this is one of the misconception people tend to have, you need to take proper diet and nutrient supplements for growth. The main idea of supplement is to easily and quickly provide bulkiness in your body which can take some years if you are not consuming supplement.

Best Use Dianabol 10mg for Muscles Building

If you want a kick start in Dianabol cycle, firstly consume Dianabol supplement in combination with long acting injectibles named Deca. The reason for this type of combination is Dianabol helps in giving immediate result whereas Deca will take more time for giving result. With the combination you can get result within the first week of your cycle. So make purchase of Dianabol as soon as possible.

Dianabol Cycles

There is no confusion that Dianabol helps in giving bulkiness to your body. Dianabol act very fast and you will get result very fast. If the other supplement also work properly you will see much gain with Dianabol.
It will not increase your weight but will provide strength to your body. Just remember more you eat more you will be bigger and stronger. Please make sure you have good testosterone in your body which can go with Dbol cycle. For increasing your testosterone count you can buy Testosterone Cypionateor which can run alongside Dbol cycle.

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How to take Dianabol 10mg

The best way to use Dianabol is by pyramid style meaning firstly start with low dose and then after finding good result you can increase amount of dose. Firstly you can start by taking 200tablets 10mg each tablet for your complete change over. Start with 30mg a day for 3days and then increase it to 50mg for next two subsequent weeks and later change to 70mg for next 3weeks. After this decrease you dose by taking 40mg for a day for next 2weeks and then to 30mg for last week which will end up smoothly.
Need to do these steps carefully directly cutting the dose will not make any harm to your but for best result try to decrease your dose so that your body can also cop with it. By this decrease in dose at the end of the cycle will help to maintain the gain for longer time.At the end, after you have stopped taking this to unblock your receptor after Dianabol cycle start taking Clomid or Armidex or Nolvadex.

Dianabol Beginner Cycle: Cheap Anabolic UK

Want to gain muscle mass without help of any injection you can go to Dianabol an effective anabolic supplement. Dianabol can give you decent gain and strength if used correctly. If you are going through basic Dianabolic cycle it will last for around 6weeks in that time you can gain up to 8-15lbs which is really a great result. Dianabol beginner cycle is simple basic dianabolic cycle as the best part is it can be carried at any time. Dianabol cycle whereas help in attaining your future body if going through this path. Nobody wants to give you a path of supplement but if you are looking for good muscle mass need to go through this.

How much mg/day in Dianabol beginner cycle?

Dianabolic beginner cycle should be prepared after having solid knowledge, do not run behind supplement by having large amount of doses. As a beginner intake 30-40 mg in a day. Some beginners try to take around 100mg of dose in a day to gain a good result. Encouraging 100mg is decent but the side effect it will have on liver and other organs is dangerous as compared to the gain achieved. For beginner 6week period is sufficient for getting good result.

Dianabol beginner cycle as performance enhancing drug!

You can make purchase of Dianabol through many online website where it is easily available. Dianabol is commonly sold in pack of 100tablets X 10mg each. Alpha Pharma is also seller of Dianabol in which they offer 50tablets in 1 box. Dianabol supplement purchased from Alpha Pharma is bit high as compared to other manufacturers. You can buy this legal supplements (Clenbuterol Pills, HGH Pills etc.) in Halesowen, Nazeing, Newcastle upon Tyne, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland UK at affordable cost.

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What is Dianabol Cycle UK

For the creation of cycle it is very important to consider Dbol as supplement not as supplement, than we can look into current trend for cycling Dianabol. Dianabol cycle is structured as 25-40mg which split throughout the day consumed for 4-6weeks with supplement or alone.
Starting with cycle 25mg of dose is started which causes water retention. Most of the water retention is done to build up Estrogen in excess quantity. However, it is believed that water retention is done by holding excess water with the help of Dianabol. Dianabol will cause estrogenic side effects if taken and lot of water is build up in the body.Dianabol Cycle UK
Try to avoid splitting of small dose than you will get much smaller ratio of drug in the body. So if taking drug in small dose takes it in single dose in morning with grapefruit juice. If taken in low amount it will not suppress the testosterone it will only lower the degree of production.
Now if we are going for small dose with cycle duration of 4-6 weeks that appears to be small to give any effect. Thing that needs to be remembered by taking low dose we can avoid its effect on liver. For this we should take low dose for working days and stop consumption on weekend days so that liver have time to process the drug. Dianabol has short life span so it is inactive after 24 hours of consumption because of this there is less or no harm to your body due to this supplement. If we could skip weekends or lower our dose we would be able to use Dianabol for 10weeks without any problem.
10 weeks with weekends off @15mg each day = 750mg of Dianabol in total
6 weeks @25mg each day = 1050mg of Dianabol in total
By using above system liver can actually work on low Dianabol very easily than in regular cycle by this you will make less gain in 10weeks as compared to 6weeks but the after effects are also reduced.

Dianabol Cycle Summary:

A beginner of the Dianabol will consume it for 10week and will get good result, whereas an experienced user will Dianabol with injectable cycle for very good gains. Getting maximum gains with Dianabol with slower but stronger injectable supplement.
The above cycle is contradict to what we think now but by using Dianabol as supplement for good training and nutrition you will get better result.
Dianabol is used worldwide is first ever developed supplement used by is very popular because of the fact that it is very easily administered and provide long lasting body. This is the result that Dianabol is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

Dianabol Chemical Makeup:

Dianabol its chemical name is 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1, 4-androstadien-3-one 1-Dehydro-17 a methyltestosterone and is derivative of testosterone. It is a powerful anabolic supplement used for giving muscle strength and size. It has anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90-210:40-60. Dianabol chemical formula is C20H288O2 and its molecular weight is 300.44mg/mol.

Dianabol for Bodybuilding:

Bodybuilders want to achieve certain goals in life which can fulfill by using certain supplement. These may include:
  • Decrease in excess fat
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Enhance muscle tone
  • Gain in quality muscle mass
The main reason for the success of Dianabol among bodybuilders and athlete is it’s effectiveness in rapidly achieving desired goals.

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Increasing Protein Synthesis:

This approach is very much important if you are consuming Dianabol as supplement for muscle training phase. It helps in providing muscle mass with muscle strength. The active ingredient of Dianabol (methandrostenolone) is injested inside body it start acting as ergogenically.
Dianabol is active anabolic component which when injected inside the body it will directly increase the synthesis of protein and help body to retain nitrogen. With the increase in protein inside body it balances nitrogen and promotes the production of adaptogenic properties in body. This helps body to adapt to heavy workload and exertion meaning Dianabol work to maintain the required muscle protein in the body.

Dianabol Side effects

It was mainly developed for gaining muscle strength and size in healthy adult men and if you are having balanced diet with complete nutrition in it than you can maintain healthy body while using Dianabol as supplement. It is known that Dianabol suppress the production of testosterone for this you will need to take exogenous testosterone supplement to overcome these side effects to maintain perfect body level testosterone. When you have stopped the intake of anabolic supplement and all hormones have been cleared from your body, the production of testosterone naturally will resume automatically.
Dianabol is considered to be potent drug for body building but it is not the best option which is available. When Dianabol is injected inside the body will start retaining excess water in body. It is recommended that intake of Dianabol should do for limited time and in limited dose, if overdose is done it will result in liver damage. Dianabol can lead to high blood pressure, Diabetes and glucomyia.
It is commonly thought fact is Dianabol is very toxic to your liver but the known fact is it is less toxic as compared to heavy alcohol consumption. Dianabol have toxic effect so it is recommended to have it as prescribed and over dose will lead to several side effects. supplement can increase enzyme level in body but our liver is capable of handling high level and will rejuvenate well. The enzyme will again reach to normal level once Dbol consumption is reduced.

Dianabol Facts

  • [17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-3-one]
  • Formula: C20H28O2
  • Molecular Weight: 300.44
  • Manufacturer: Ciba (originally)
  • Active Life: 6-8hours
  • Melting Point: N/A
  • Release Date: 1956
  • Effective dose: 25-50mgs (as low as 10 and as high as 100 have been reported)
  • Active Life: 6-8hours
  • Detection Time: up to 6 weeks
  • Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 90-210:40-60

Dianabol Benefits

People who are thinking for gaining muscle they should utilize Dianabol for extra consumption of calories so that Dianabol can influence body. If ample amount of calorie is not consumed with Dianabol it will not help in getting perfect mass.
The primary importance of this supplement is to athlete which helps in improving efficiency by increasing their stamina very quickly. This supplement improves your stamina by increasing metabolic activity in your body so you easily get energy.
It can directly help you to gain 2 to 4pounds of weight in a week. Mains benefits of Dianabol on body are mentioned here:


This procedure involve in breaking of glycogen into glucose. Your diet should contain enormous amount of carbohydrates which will be required for this process as carbohydrate is the direct source of energy during glycogen breakdown. If this process is increased than it will provide you with whole sum energy.

Nitrogen retention:

The primary factor of anabolic supplement is that they should be capable of retaining nitrogen in the body. This is the reason that most of the athlete and gym going people use anabolic supplement.
The more amount of nitrogen is retained by your body the more will be your anabolic activity giving more energy and vice versa for low case. So try to avoid low case if you want to gain high muscle mass.

Protein synthesis:

Protein is the building block of your muscle, if you are increasing protein synthesis by taking anabolic supplement than you have more chance of getting result.
It helps in increasing person’s strength. With increase in strength you will be able to lift heavyweight or you can do exercise several time, which will result in gain.

Dianabol FAQ UK

What are Dianabol Supplement? Metanabol UK

Dianabol supplement is very famous oral anabolic supplement which is taken by masses. Dianabol supplement is consumed in the beginner cycle as well as it is the most important part in the advanced supplement cycle for gaining decent muscle mass.
Dianabol pills where taken by many athletes in the recent past, after which it became popular among several people who are looking for gaining mass in short time period. In recent past nobody used to hide this fact that they are consuming Dianabol supplement and it was completely legal.

What is dianabol benefits?

Dianabol is popular oral anabolic supplement which is recognized in many countries by the name Methandienone or Metanabol (PL, RUS). Dianabol is anabolic supplement with the fact that it has lower level of androgenicity than testosterone; still it has some androgenic activity in it.
Dianabol give best result when consumed exclusively at times it is consumed with other supplement but the best result is not achieved when consumed with others. It has anabolic index of 90-120 and androgenic index of 40-60.

Is Dianabol safe? Is ‘Dbol pills’ a safe supplement?

Anabolic supplement mainly used for getting strength and size in your body but while taking it some question arises in mind whether taking supplement pro and cons related to it. Want to know side effects, after effects, overdose and brain effects etc.

Is Dianabol an Anabolic supplement?

Dianabol is an anabolic supplement which is associated with male sex hormone (Testosterone). Dianabol is the second anabolic supplement which is produced after Testosterone in early 1900. It was very popular since 60’s as athlete used it for performance enhancement. It is controlled substance which needs to be taken under prescription which can promote androgenic effects like increase in muscle mass and growth of skeletal muscle.

What is the Scope of supplement Use in the United Kingdom?

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has already mentioned that 1 to 6 percent of athletes use supplement for performance enhancement. Agency has also quoted that number given could be higher than estimated.
Agency believes the supplement intake among adolescents has been reduced since 2000.

How Do People Abuse It?

Many of the bodybuilders consume supplement by cycling, pyramid and stacking. These are ways by which supplement can be consumed.
In cycling process individual will consume it for long time, than will suddenly stop it so that body can get enough time for rest. After few weeks they will again start taking it.
In case of stacking the individual try to consume more than one supplement at a time. It will take one or more supplement to get the best result as both supplement will work simultaneously.
Whereas in case of pyramiding both cycling and stacking is combined together. In this case one or more supplement is taken in low dose and after half way its amount is increased.
supplement user suggests that pyramiding helps their body to adjust to high dose of Dianabol and provide their hormonal system time to recover. However both cycling and pyramiding has not been proved scientifically.

What Are the Health Effects of Anabolic supplement ?

Anabolic are used for several medical purposes; it is used for the treatment of some illness which includes breast cancer, asthma and arthritis. It is also for the treatment of chemotherapy, injuries and address growth problems.
Several side effects also prevails which can range from heart or kidney malfunctions, paranoia, liver diseases and outbursts of aggression or rage.

Why Dbol is the Best Anabolic supplement Since 1960?

It was commercially launched in 60s after which it was a huge hit. It has become one of the most widely used anabolic supplement with muscle building of 1_600x450 since its launch. It is very easy to use and is very effective in gaining muscle mass and enhancing strength.
It directly helps in promoting nitrogen balance which is mainly found in amino acid that builds up protein. Protein is the primary building material in muscles. Body need more amount of protein for giving good growth in body.
With the use of supplement it promotes positive nitrogen balance which helps in retaining more amount of protein apart from which are used by body and excreted in the form of urine, stool and sweat than your body have enough protein supply for muscle growth.

What are Dianabol Side effects?

During the consumption of Dianabol it is present in bloodstream which increases insulin level in blood which is produced in liver. When Dianabol is taken during extreme case of stress this time RNA is synthesized which lower the level of stress, relaxed feeling, increased appetite and sound sleep. These benefits help in increasing the popularity of Dianabol and increases demand in market.
The bodybuilders who undergo great deal of hard work however Dianabol prevents body from stress. This helps them in doing workout better and recovers very quickly from hard training phase.

is Dianabol Legal?

Important reason why Dianabol is used widely among athlete and bodybuilders is its ability to provide very fast gain in the muscle mass and strength. One of the biggest benefits of using Dianabol is at the time of doing heavy exercise and mental stress. If you are not regularly doing training than also it helps to retain calorie in body and avoid the breakdown of protein into amino acid. Dianabol is very effective in the body for around 6 to 8hours. It can be detected in body for up to 6weeks after stopped using supplement.

How should you Take Dianabol?

Dianabol cycle should be taken orally and will provide you result fast. Then oral dose of Dianabol is combined with supplemental testosterone. It is known that if supplements are taken orally will give you fast result as compared to injectable form.
In the first week of starting treatment your cycle should contain supplement with dose of 25-50mg per day. Some bodybuilders start their dose from 50mg in a day for first week of cycle but are prone to several side effects. The smart way to avoid side effects is start your dose from 10-20mg a day. This process can continue for 3-6weeks. After 6weeks intake of Dianabol should be stopped as you are also making intake of injectable supplements will show its result. Some people take the overdose of this drug and take 100mg a day for better result but no additional benefit is seen after 6weeks.

Where to buy Dianabol UK?

Dianabol as legal Supplement is available in various forms like syrups, tablets, capsules and injectable form. You can easily ask supplier or expert for which form should take for better result looking for. It is also available online from different suppliers of supplement. When you are making any order do make sure that your supplier has policy on shipping. You should also be aware of the import policy for the particular supplement in your country without any risk. It can also be purchased with or without prescription.

Does Dianabol Affect the Brain?

High dose of Dianabol can lead to different effects related to brain. It can lead you to mood to happiness, hyped up or anxiety. At times it can make individual aggressive or lack of sleep at night.
But there are some bodybuilders who have clashed this myth of side effects on brain they say that they have never faced any effect on brain. The effects of Dbol could differ from one individual to another.

What is the right dosage of Dbol Cycle?

As beginner for any taking medicine the thing that needs to be remembered is try to start with low dose. This will give your body time to react and you can know how well your body respond to Dbol. Starting with low dose you can consume 20miligrams of Dbol per day. With low dose the side effects would be very low.
After taking low dose if you have faced no side effects and result are impressive than you can go for increasing your dose to 30miligrams a day. The maximum dosage for few is 50miligrams a day.
Try to take one capsule thrice in a day with meals. You need to use this dose for at least eight weeks.

Product Name Dianabol

  • Price $59.99(You save $25.01)
  • Serving Size: 1 Tablet (25mg)
  • Servings per Bottle: 90 Tablets
On non workout days take 1 capsule thrice in a day. On workout days take Dbol 30-45 minutes before workout. Workout Period: 2 months “on” and 1.5 weeks “off.”
Dbol has short life span of 3-5hours which means a single dose can produce effects for whole day long.

What Will Happen If I Stop Taking it After 1 Month?

If you stop taking Dbol for a month than you will automatically lose weight which you have gained after consumption. The weight which your body has gained is water based so as soon you stop taking supplement you will lose it all.

What Will Happen If I Overdose?

If the dose is increased to the amount recommended than you will face some side effects.

What Will Happen If I Miss a Dose?

If you have missed any dose then do not try to double the skipped dose. Go for the next dose with the meal, doubling dose will lead to some side effects. However, missed dose will not affect your body growth.

How Long the Muscle Effect Will Last If I Discontinue?

The effect of discontinuing the dose will be seen on muscles mass and its strength after few days.

Any Major Side Effects Like Hair Fall and Organ Dysfunction?

There are some side effects prevailed with Dbol that can happen if you do not consume Dbol properly as recommended. Some the most commonly seen side effects are high blood pressure, liver toxicity, gynecomastia and hair loss.
These side effects can affect your body but these are avoidable if dose are taken properly. For example, you should avoid drinking liquor if you are undergoing medication as it can damage your liver.

Does It Stop Producing Testosterone?

Yes, it is true that Dbol intake can suppress testosterone production.

How Should I Know If supplement Treatment is Right for Me?

It is your decision whether to go for supplement or not, however there is always a risk of side effects. To avoid these side effects keep in mind to take medication properly. You should have complete knowledge about the supplement and also you should be healthy enough for Dbol.

Who Should Not Take Dbol supplement UK?

supplement can be taken by any healthy individual. There are some conditions which will block you in taking supplement. If you have high blood pressure, high diabetes or uncontrolled glaucoma or osteoporosis does not take Dbol or any other supplement.

Where to Buy a Safer Dbol Alternative?

If you are concerned about the side effects of Dianabol then you can easily find a good alternative for this. You can try Dianabol Elite series instead of Dianabol.
Dianabol Elite series minimise the effect of Dianabol on body. You will get fast acting result on muscle size from this Dbol alternative.
It will boost your stamina and strength in the same as Dbol works. This fast acting formula works fast enough that you will soon notice some gain in strength. Like Dbol it also enhances retention of nitrogen in body for growth of muscles.
Further, it will enhance blood flow during and after exercise. You can better work with this supplement to achieve your desired bodybuilding goal.

is Dianabol Legal?

Dbol has mix of ingredients named L-Isoleucine, a BCAA that helps in muscle growth and recovery. This medication comes in the form of capsule so there is no need to give extra pain to your body by injection or needle. You can order this product anywhere in the world and can easily get this product. You can buy this product without any description and no need to be concerned about the legal substance.
A bottle of Dbol contains 90 tablets and you can take three tablets in a day with three meals and it is safe even on non working days. When you are going to do workout than you should take medicine 30minutes before training.
It is believed that taking Dbol for two months and then simultaneously stopping medication for one and half week you will notice gain in your muscle mass.
Dbol can help you in increasing and achieving the targeted goal of body building. But keep in mind while taking it that it should exceed prescribed dose. Still you have confusion regarding the side effects caused then go with the safe alternative Dianabol Elite Series.

is Dianabol Elite Series Toxic for Liver?

Dbol Elite Series have a property named 17 alpha-alkylated which makes liver toxic, but the main fact in this regard is most of the evidence of side effects are collected from individual which can differ if it done on large group using Dbol for bodybuilding. One study (1) which was conducted on rats which were given Dbol regardless of dose, time they showed changes in enzymatic activity. This shows that rat liver is becoming toxic after consuming Dbol.
In second study conducted Nerobol (Russian Dianabol) favoured rapid normalisation which contradicts earlier belief. This shows that the thinking of Dianabol being dangerous is some way wrong.