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XYZ Collagen is a leading beauty company globally; it is supplied by Wolfson Berg Limited. As one of the largest direct seller we have products sold across the world that range from creams that is developed to uplift skin’s natural look to crafting a new and elegant look. Collagen products will ensure your skin gets utmost care and attention by tightening the skin, reducing visible wrinkles, lines and stretch marks. It’s time to celebrate with your changing skin tone with the help of XYZ Collagen. Join us now to start being master at your skin. Knowing to work with your skin the way you want is fun. Through this website you can gain access to hottest beauty care product that will shell your skin like a pearl. Inspired by confidence our experts are here to give scientifically-advanced formulas, smooth feel, trendsetting lotion and creams at effortlessly, affordable prices. How XYZ Collagen works: XYZ Smart Collagen cream is Nagoya compliant, Cosmos listed, Ecocert listed, nature compliant and 100% vegan. Over 90% women from our testing panel recommended this product for improvement in appearance from stretch marks, skin textures and skin firmness. Main ingredient for this product is leaf saps from a South African plant Bulbine frutescens. A right ingredient at right proportion is making the cream to act as a rejuvenating factor for the skin. This plant has Acetylated Polymannose (APM) to stimulate fibroblasts, Knipholone to boost skin by blocking leukotriene synthesis. Apart from these some natural cosmetics that has no minerals, palm kernel oils are used. This cream has to be applied twice daily for at least 45 days to see the real difference on your skin. As part of testing about 21 women tried this product for 45 days, twice daily and confirmed visible difference was noticed. Other than removing wrinkles, lifting cheeks and jawline, tightening the skin and improving skin texture, it also acts as a healer for your tattooed skin. XYZ Collagen UK Benefits: Though it is not possible to stop aging process, it is possible to control it to improve the appearance. This acts as a protein treatment for the skin and helps in staying fresh with flawless and smooth skin. Our clinical studies have proved that with continuous usage for upto 50 days, noticeable difference in skin tone can be seen. Other benefits from using XYZ Collagen cream are: Helps in skin maintaining its elasticity and plumpness Prevents face and skin from developing wrinkle Ensure youthful appearance Saggy skin, age spots is controlled It acts as a filler for scars Quarter percentage of glowing body’s total protein content is Collagen Gives smooth texture to the skin Hydrates the skin and turns to be a moisturizer Helps in deep penetration of ingredients Fights against skin-damaging activists Rejuvenates the skin and makes the mind relaxed Protects skin cells XYZ Collagen UK Side Effects: It is true that with the help of collagen you can get back the lost beauty of a body, however right usage is very essential. Overdosing supplements can directly affect the skin pores. In case if you start feeling lingering taste in mouth, it is advisable to stop using this for a while. The taste will gradually subside by 30 minutes. Those who are allergic to fish, shellfish, porcine, bovine and chicken are possible to have allergic reaction to collagen. Another harmless side effect is low appetite. While this could be a side effect, some consider it as an advantage for additional beauty XYZ Collagen UK Testimonials: I have been using this XYZ Collagen cream from past 6 months and the results are very impressive. Though I have tried many other competitive products, the results were not major. AM very satisfied with this collagen cream and have suggested the same to my friends and colleagues. -Tina Zacariah Am 48 years old with not even a wrinkle on my face. It looks very natural and smooth; the secret of this lies with XYZ Collagen cream. My friends are amazed by my natural look without knowing the secret behind the same. I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know this is an amazing product which can retain and help your skin to glow. -Richa Mathew This is Swati, 57 years old- I had slight sagging jawline, enlarged pores on cheeks and nose and very dry skin. This is when I was introduced to XYZ Collagen cream by my niece. I didn’t expect the cream to work so well on my skin. On the very first use I could start feeling a silk smoothness on my skin. I used this twice daily per instructions for about 30 days and the result was very surprising. Even with makeup I haven’t looked that good and natural for the longest time. XYZ Collagen cream is a true winner in rejuvenating the skin and giving life to the dead cells in skin pores. -Swati Rinz I’m very happy with XYZ Collagen cream and will recommend this to everyone who has dry skin. Though it wasn’t able to take away all wrinkles on my face, I should admit it made my skin a lot smoother, clear and bright. Due to other priorities I have tried this product only once every day, but the results are very satisfactory. Young ladies, stop thinking and try this product, you will definitely start feeling the difference right from first usage. -Joyce Prathista Am Hazel aged 49 and have been very allergic to sea food. Due to this reason I had to avoid many products that can help me to maintain my beauty. But now am glad that I found XYZ Collagen cream, it has redefined my dry skin and improved my appearance. There is no allergic reaction and the product feels very natural on my skin. I have tried this all throughout a year, thus would recommend this to those who have seasonal skin issues. This magical secret is now shared with my friends and family who admits it is an excellent product for those who want to look younger. -Hazel Peter I am 69 years old with a very soft face, of course, there are wrinkles but it has improved from what it was 2 years back. XYZ Collagen cream is very effective for my skin and has helped me keep it moisturized. Also the puffiness near my eyes has reduced a lot as this product has helped in skin tightening. Product is definitely worth a try! -Reena Stanley This is infact one of the best creams I have tried on my skin. For me the result was seen within 2 weeks as I started using exactly as per the instructions. Being 53 years aged, I never thought there could be way to regain my lost beauty. This product surprised me and I way above my expectations. Would definitely this to those who want to look young and energetic. Apart from offering difference in look, I feel this product has some components that make me energetic and fresh through the day. -Cheryl D’souza From the past 12 years I have had a tattoo on my neck, the wrinkles and dryness around this cannot be put into words. I tried many products to reduce the look of unappealing skin on my skin. Most of the cream, medications masks worsen the look with rashes and allergies. At last, through my friend’s recommendation I decided to try XYZ Collagen cream. This has reduced the scars and dryness near the tattoo. It looks much better and smoother now. Am very thankful to XYZ Collagen cream for helping me to regain my skin texture and for uplifting my confidence. -Gladys Antony Right from my childhood I have been very particular with the products I use to maintain my skin tone. I was recently introduced to XYZ Collagen cream and decided to research about the same. Post thorough research and study I decided to use this in January 2016. Till date I have never used any other products as this is offering best results. My skin is turning younger and younger day-by-day. Slight sagging on my face is fixed, gives a smooth texture on my clear face. And for best results I use this on my usual sunscreen when I step out to the sun. I use this as day and night cream and the result are very satisfactory. -Caroline I suggest this product for those who have dry skin. Have had no allergic reactions so far. Feels like I found a perfect product to take care of my skin for the rest of my life. -Rhea John XYZ Collagen FAQ: When can I expect to see results of XYZ Collagen cream? The product should be used twice daily for about 45-80 days to get noticeable difference. It is advisable to apply it once during daytime and once before sleeping. What is the effect of collagen on body? This is a type of protein that is present in human body in tissues. It provides matrix through which body’s skin, hair, bones and nails can be sustained. XYZ Collagen cream is specifically designed to meet all skin related issues.  Improves skin smoothness  Prevents the formation of deep-wrinkles  Retains skin moisture level  Maximizes skin suppleness Age group for using XYZ Collagen cream? This can be used by anyone who is 20 years and above. All our products are clinically tested on women between the age group of 45- 65 years. Is it possible to track my order online? Yes, you can check this through our website with Order ID and Billing email Id. The status and progress can be tracked real-time. What personal details should be shared to place an order? In order to place an order for XYZ Collagen cream, you have to share name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card information and phone number. How to place an order for a product? Once you decide to treat your skin with XYZ Collagen cream, you need to simple complete the below steps:  Visit the website  Register on the website  Place an order  Fill the form  Respond to a survey  Subscribe for newsletters  In case required, you can connect with other services, activities and resources Is my personal details safe with XYZ Collagen? All our communications are through SSL secured communication channels. And transactions are protected and encrypted with digital signatures. In order to offer secure environment for users this website is in compliance with standards of PCI vulnerability. Why is personal data of users and customers collected? This information is collected to improve customer service, to personalize user experiences, to improve our website, to process transactions as per customer expectations, to notify offers and new product releases through emails, for promotion, survey and feedbacks from customers. What are the directions to use XYZ Collagen cream? Apply this product on fresh cleansed skin morning and night. Gently apply this all over your face and neck. Avoid it on cut wounds and burns. While applying on delicate areas such as eyes be careful and avoid tear duct and eye lids. Apply sun screens along with this product in case you are too exposed to direct sun. What are the available currency payment offers? You can place your order with following currency payments:  USD  GBP  AUD  CAD  CHF  EUR What are the shipping charges for this product? The product is £39.99 and there are no additional shipping charges. Total payment required to own this product is only £39.99. What are the available payment options? Payment can be made through debit/ credit cards, the cards should be VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Or payment can also be made through your Paypal account.