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As stated by Dietitian Juliette Kellow BSc RD has claimed that Capsiplex UK can burn off as many calories as a 25min jogging could do for your body. There is no doubt that Capsiplex is making headlines in everyday news as a slimming supplement. But the question arises in mind is whether Capsiplex is safe for the body. Dietitian Juliette Kellow mentioned these……. Capsiplex helps you to lose weight while sitting on your desk as it helps in burning up to 278 calories contained in slice of pizza, two large chocolate chips and hamburger. Many of the A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are going mad for this supplement. What is Capsiplex UK: Capsiplex is famous as slimming supplement that contain an important ingredient named capsaicin, mainly found in capsicum (chili peppers) which gives them their heat. Other than capsaicin it also contains other ingredients caffeine, piperine (mostly found in black pepper) and niacin (source of B vitamin). This is the reason that it is claimed completely natural. How does Capsiplex UK work? The product contains capsaicin (chili pepper) helps in stimulation of our metabolism so we burn large amount of calorie and thus reduce our fat. Is there any proof it works? University of Oklahoma carried out a small trial based on the claims made by Capsiplex. Study conducted undertook 25subjects either on Capsiplex pill or placebo before exercising. Researchers than examined the amount of energy exhausted and heart beat and their oxygen consumption before 60minutes of doing study. The examination included 60minute of exercise which have walking on treadmill and after 50minute of exercising. They found out that person who have consumed Capsiplex pill before study have burnt three times more calorie before starting of exercise, 3% more calorie during exercise and 12times more calories are lost after one hour of exercise- which amounted to an extra of around 278calories more than subject who have not consumed slimming pills. Study has revealed this fact about Capsiplex pill UK: 278 calorie is contained in- 1 burger 1 slice of pizza 25 minutes of jogging at 6miles/hour 80 minutes of walking at 2mile/hour Eating around 278 extra calorie daily can make you put on 25 pounds in a year. Can chilies aid weight loss? Number of study performed on animals and human beings have looked whether consumption of chili pepper in diet have increased metabolism or not. Study revealed that if the consumption of chili pepper is done in diet it increases the production of heat in body. So the body has to work harder to regulate its body temperature. As a result the loss in calorie is more as compared to normal diet which does not contain chili pepper but this effect is only for short period. Capsicum found in red hot pepper helps in boosting immunity, burns of fat and also increases your body metabolism. If you need to see longer term affect that could be done by regular activity and exercise, which will increase your metabolism. Studies are still going on but no study has revealed if consumption of capsaicin in chili pepper is consumed can be affective for long term treatment of obesity. At this point of time it cannot be concluded whether chili can truly aid weight loss. Caffeine which is also an important ingredient of capsicum helps in giving extra energy to body and increases resting energy expenditure. What makes Capsiplex pill different? Lot and lots of slimming pills are available in market these days, so what the makers of Capsiplex think set this pill apart? Many of the slimming pills have ingredients like chili or capsaicin, cayenne pepper. Mentioned by the makers of the Capsiplex is its very important to consumed chili pepper in amount that is need for effective calorie loss that would irritate stomach lining if it taken in proper dose which is needed. Many supplement manufacturers are nowadays using dilute and ineffective quantity of chili pepper to prevent this irritation. About Capsiplex pills manufacturers have stated that Capsiplex pills are coated with ph sensitive coating as to withstand the acidity of stomach. As a result of this the capsicum bypasses the stomach where it causes irritation and directly enter intestine where no irritation is caused. How much does Capsiplex cost in UK? 30 capsule for one month cost £29.99. How often do you take Capsiplex UK? You can take one pill for one day in morning with a glass of water or you can also take it 30-60 minutes before your exercise. How much weight will I lose fat after using Capsiplex UK? The manufacturer of pill say that it only depend on your starting weight in the first week of your consumption you can lose up to 4lb followed by 1-2lb in the upcoming week. It boosts up your body with energy and decreases food intake. Capsiplex contains vitamin B3 which helps in lowering of your cholesterol level and release fat energy. Any other Capsiplex product available in market? A new Capsiplex product is available in market is Capsiplex Appetite Suppressor , which helps in keeping hunger at a fixed level and can reduce food intake up to 50percent so that you feel full stomach until your next meal without further need of snacks. Capsiplex Appetite Suppressor contains ingredients such as: Magnesium stearate Methylcellulose Chromium picolinate I –carnitine 90 capsule for one month cost £24.99. No study has been done for the effectiveness of the product. Limited research have been performed so far which can suggest that these ingredients are successful in helping to lose weight. Capsiplex UK- Benefits In case of any slimming supplement things which needs to remember is your diet. Everyday keep an eye on what you are eating with the quantity you are consuming and need to confident that exercise is not skipped. It is seen that many people who are taking these slimming pills believe that they will easily lose weight and they unintentionally change eating habit and their exercise habits. Mainly it helps in losing extra calorie by the use of natural formulae which have no side effects. Several slimming pills are available in market but the bad part about other pills is they contain guarana and amphetimins in them. Because of these ingredients some side effects are seen in people consuming it, main symptoms are anxiety and irritability that leads in sleeplessness. Other benefits of Capsiplex are they provide protection against cancer with the help capsaicinoids which is mainly found in capsicum. Provide vitamin A, help in good growth of hair and avoid pimple and hair fall. Capsiplex UK – Side Effects There is very less evidence to prove that Capsiplex helps in burning of fat. Study done which merely involved 25 subjects is not enough strength to prove this fact. It was also known that this study was never published in any of the medical journal. Currently no evidence suggests that people taking Capsiplex daily for long period has seen any change in their body. People are still in dilemma that after consuming Capsiplex daily will burn 278 calories extra. It was also not found that the raw material capsaicin found in chili pepper is effective in reducing obesity. Many claims which are made by many websites have suggested now a day’s gyms are also incorporating Capsiplex pills in their fitness and weight loss schedule. A chat performed with spokesperson of fusion gym a famous gym chain has already mentioned the fact on their website which indicated that they are not exercising any of the above schedules. This spokesperson has mentioned: “We have never and would never endorse Capsiplex products on our website and gym”. This product is not cheap it cost around £1 a day. It does not focus on how people can lose weight by having healthy diet or boost activity level. Dietitians Verdict… Capsiplex pill is a new product in the line of slimming products that are making miracle these days. Worrying thing about Capsiplex pill is it does not come in structured reduced dietary meal plan which many of the parallel slimming products are having. No suggestion is provided by the makers for making positive dietary changes. The British Dietetic Association has mentioned some poor dietary advices. This may include claims that sound too well to your ears, post of promising a quick change and some are recommending magical fat burning food. Capsiplex certainly undergo these criteria and is not a product that is advised by dietitians for weight loss. Spending so much money on this product concerns every person. In spite of the fact that this pill can help in losing weight if you prefer gym over this is very commendable as gym exercise can burn an average of at least 300calorie a day at a £30 a month or less if you manage to go frequently. With this you will get additional benefit which includes toned muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness and managing strong bones. Plus by exercise it can release chemical called endorphins that can boost your mood. Several experts have mentioned the only way to boost up your metabolism and can burn extra calorie is through regular exercise and healthy diet. So this product needs to be kept in shelf. You can certainly add chilies in your diet to gain spiciness which will not make any harm to your body and can also use less amount of salt in your meal is beneficial for this you can spend couple of pounds on the jar with chili powder and fresh chilies. To utilize this money need to follow a health balanced and regular exercise to lower down calories and attain activeness. Where to Buy Capsiplex in UK Capsiplex is costly slimming pill so is not available on high street but is commonly found in some Holland and Barrett store. These pills are also available on online website of and Holland and Barrett store as well. Overall Verdict Some changes have been made by the manufacturers and pill has shown improvement by avoiding some of its side effects. Less side effects and possibility of losing weight gives capsiplex a plus point and you can quickly lose your weight. It is one of the fastest weight lose pill available with high value to money and is quickest fat burner in market. If looking for quick weight lose pill capsiplex is the best option to choose but cannot be recommended for long term choice. Capsiplex UK and Capsiplex plus UK are all extracted from chili pepper which is natural growing product so these pills also contain natural ingredient which is safe to use until you are following a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The most important of pill is capsicum is extracted from chili pepper which directly effect in burning of extra calorie in your body. Before using and while you are using these pills few things that needs to be remembered is the person consuming it should focus on medical records, lifestyle, age, weight, health conditions, weight lose goals and hereditary diseases history.These factors with pills could respond differently for example a young man can easily lose 4 pounds of weight as compared to an old man with everything being equal in them. Capsiplex key Ingredients The key and you can say the most important ingredient found in Capsiplex is capsicum which is extracted from red hot chilli pepper. It gives direct effect in firing of extra calorie, providing you more energy and boosting up your metabolism. The heat released by Capsiplex can harm your body, this is the reason that Capsiplex directly enter your intestine bypassing stomach and leaves away stomach related side effects. How Does Capsiplex Work? Capsiplex main ingredients are capsicum extract, caffeine, Niacin and Piperine which work together in burning up your fat and 278 calorie extra in a day. Capsiplex is proven to a fast fat burner and metabolism booster. Makers have kept in mind the design of Capsiplex pill so it directly enters intestine bypassing stomach and leaving no side effects. Combining this effect with the pill you have good chance of losing weight easily. Currently there are two types of Capsiplex pill available which are Capsiplex plus-5 HTP and Capsiplex available in market. Want to know exactly how this pill works? Firstly look into how Capsiplex burn your fat. Capsicum Extract Capsicum belong to pepper family around 27 types of capsicum is available which are known as cayenne pepper. It is one of the most useful herb medicines which can be put either on fresh wound or open wound. It is good for kidney, spleen, lockjaw and pancreas. The key of capsicum success is it is great stimulant. It works great in cure of cold and flu, black vomit, yellow fever and decay. Small chilies are used from around thousand years to increase taste and for health benefit. Capsiplex is extracted from chilies which contain a constituent named Capsaicin providing heat and pungency which is responsible for beneficial action. Chilly contain a colourful pigment rich in cartenoids is antioxidant. Capsaicin’s beneficial for: Colds: It helps in proper functioning of respiratory system at the time of blockage caused through mucus and blocked sinuses. Circulation: It provides exciting and dilatory effect on your body directly helpful during winters. Heart health: study performed in China mentioned this reduces blood pressure and other study done in India also mentions it reduces cholesterol level in body. Arthritis and muscle pain: creams containing capsaicin lowers body pain. Study performed on capsicum reveals that it is thermogenic in nature, increasing metabolic rate which produces large amount of heat in your body. With the increase in heat more calories are burnt and body weight is lost easily. So, if the capsicum has a property of thermogenic so is Capsiplex has the same. Niacin Niacin which is also known as nicotinic acid is vitamin B3. It acts as vitamin supplement occurs naturally in animals and plants. Niacin is used in lowering of cholesterol level, coronary artery disease and triglyceride (type of fat) in blood. It is also used in people with high cholesterol who has already undergone heart attack in past. Niacin max causes certain side effects in body that include itching, redness, warmth and tingly feeling in your skin. If alcohol or hard beverages are consumed after short span you have taken niacin could make these effects worse. Undergoing medication people should avoid taking colestipol (colestid) some side effects would be seen, consuming these niacin you should take colestipol after or before 4-5 hours. Some points that needs to be remembered while you are taking niacin: Diabetes Gout Liver or Kidney Disease A stomach ulcer Heart disease or uncontrolled angina Myasthenia gravis If you are planning for baby or have baby than you should directly consult with your doctor before taking this pill for treatment of high cholesterol or any other condition. Try to avoid taking this pill if you are breast feeding child as niacin can pass through breast milk. Before taking this pill consult with your doctor or use it exactly mentioned on the label. Use of pills for longer time than recommended or large or smaller amount is strictly prohibited. To avoid side effects intake of pill should be done with cold water as hot water can show some side effect like flushing in the body. Take drug as whole do not chew, crush, break or open the tablet or capsule. Take the dose as mentioned by your doctor. If you are in a mood to stop the medication and if again you are starting its intake, firstly consult with the doctor. Caffeine Anhydrous Caffeine Anhydrous is also known as 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine is a synthetic stimulant. It works as powerful appetite suppressant and strong fat burner. Caffeine anhydrous is also used in number of diet pills like PhenBlue and FenFast 375. Normal caffeine contains around 8.5 percent of water whereas caffeine anhydrous contains less amount of water which is around 0.5percent or less. Mostly caffeine is used in powder amount because it is slightly soluble in water but the key point is it takes up less space and it can easily combine with weight loss supplement and appears to be white crystalline powder which has bitter taste. Many studies are performed on caffeine anhydrous which proves that only intake of caffeine can lead to weight loss more than done by exercise and diet. It can easily reduce body weight with help of thermogenesis and you can maintain fix body weight for long time. Making an intake of Capsiplex, its important ingredient is caffeine anhydrous which help to increase alertness, endurance and concentration. Piperine Piperine is extracted from black pepper it is the presence of piperine which gives black pepper its taste. Piperine is thermogenic in nature like capsicum. So, we want to know how Piperine work? Piperine directly works with the genes that are responsible for the fat loss and is also used in the treatment of pain, gastrointestinal distress, inflammation and other disorders. Capsiplex 5-HTP pro Capsiplex 5-HTP pro is new edition of Capsiplex and due to this its effects are increased. Capsiplex 5-HTP pro contains same ingredients as is present in Capsiplex. It also has some new ingredients which help Capsiplex to work better and faster. Two new ingredients are Bioperine and 5-hydroxytryptophen (5-HTP), these two ingredients helps Capsiplex in lifting your mood and also has better weight loss effect. 5-HTP: this is one of the essential amino acid which is formed from trptophans, which you get from food. Tryptophans is now converted into 5-HTP, this chemical is now changed into another chemical named serotonin, is neurotransmitter which transmits signals between brain cells. The chemical helps in regulating your behavior and mood, if you are consuming Capsiplex 5-HTP pro you will get a positive effect on your anxiety, sleep, appetite and mood. Bioperine: is extracted from black pepper plant. Bioperine helps Capsiplex to work faster and helps body in absorbing other supplements. Many studies performed on Capsiplex reveals that it and its other ingredients helps body in losing weight, it is just fat burner and if you are using it for short term weight loss it is good for your body. Capsiplex Side Effects It is claimed by the makers that Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus are made up of natural supplements so possibility of facing side effects is rare if it is consumed correctly as directed on the label. The key compound found in Capsiplex is extracted from naturally occurring red pepper and capsicum so case of facing side effect is very low. Capsiplex do not contain any synthetic or artificial compound, this is the fact that makes it safer for anyone to use. To throw light on side effects no recorded incident of anyone suffering ill from this pill is mentioned. Makers have already mentioned that due to the presence of caffeine and chili extract people might experience some effects on body like irritability, warming effect on body and insomnia. Some customers have made complaint against this pill claiming that they experienced pain in stomach and chest, hyperactivity, dizziness and hot sweats. These side effects would be shown to people who are not consuming it properly or not taking breakfast after taking pill. Capsiplex and Capsiplex plus have capsicum extract which can cause some mild to serious side effects. This is possible that it can cause serious side effect more than you have thought. Capsicum extract: capsicum extract can cause irritation in stomach and can also cause watery eyes. Taking large amount of capsicum extract could lead to liver and kidney damage. Other than these side effects it can cause hot flushes and sweating. As Capsiplex directly enters intestine bypassing stomach these side effects happen to be very less. Niacin: the daily dose recommended by doctor in normal adult is 13 to 17mg if more than this amount is consumed you will face anxiety. One of the key use of niacin is to encourage production of energy for everyday activity. If niacin is not consumed in enough amounts you will not have enough energy and if it is taken in large amount it leads to rapid heartbeat and pulse. Other side effects that are faced include itching, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, flushed skin and abdominal pain. Caffeine Anhydrous: caffeine anhydrous contains as much caffeine as contained in one or two cups of coffee. Patients suffering from thyroid disease, depression, diabetes or high blood pressure should not consume more than two cups. If you consume more than 300mg of caffeine depending on your weight and size you can experience some side effects. Side effects shown are restlessness, flushing, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, gastrointestinal disturbances and nervousness. Capsiplex already contain 200mg of caffeine than you need to be careful on how much extra caffeine you are consuming. Piperine: No test has been performed on piperine to find any side effects but there have been certain suggestions that it affect sperm in male. This cannot be proved due to lack of scientific research. 5-HTP: studies done on 5-HTP reveals there could be serious side effect named eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, it is an incurable fatal flu like neurological condition. Other side effects known are stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, drowsiness, vomiting, muscle problems, sexual problems and diarrhea. There are many potential side effects which are experienced by people taking Capsiplex but these side effects have not been proved scientifically. Other side effects that are known are because of over dose of some ingredients like caffeine or they are not taking Capsiplex properly as directed by doctor. So, before consuming Capsiplex firstly consult your doctor and then check your diet. People who are allergic to capsicum or chili pepper should not consume this pill. For best you need to do 20-30 minutes of daily walk, avoid eating heavy breakfast and make sure that you consume plenty of water in a day. After breakfast, you can take Capsiplex and avoid eating it in empty stomach. Some things that needs to be remembered is do not get impressed after reading Capsiplex reviews first try it for yourself. Taking pill and doing proper exercise with balanced diet you can lose about 2pound of weight in couple of weeks. With this if you are doing 20-30minutes walk everyday you can lose up to 4pound of weight in a week. To get maximum result from Capsiplex take one Capsiplex tablet before your meal with glass of water. Capsiplex Clinical Studies It was clinically proven that Capsiplex has undergone many clinical trials on the ingredients contained in it. Before looking on the clinical trials performed on Capsiplex we must first review on the studies done on its key ingredient that include capsicum extract, piperine, caffeine anhydrous, niacin and 5-HTP. Capsicum extract and its clinical studies Several experiments have been done on capsicum to prove its effect on appetite, weight loss and metabolism. One the study named’ Effects of red pepper diet on the energy of metabolism in men’ focus on the effect of red pepper in the energy metabolism of men. The result has shown that energy expenditure increased after the intake of food. Other study performed named ‘Effects of red pepper on appetite and energy intake’ was partitioned into two study. In one study thirteen Japanese women were looked into the effect of red pepper which is added to high fat and carbohydrate meal on energy intake was done. Second study mentioned the effect of red pepper appetizer on energy intake done on ten Caucasian men. The result revealed the intake of red pepper in diet has decreased protein content, appetite and fat intake. Niacin and its clinical studies Only few studies have been performed to prove the effectiveness of niacin on human body. One study titled ‘Chronic niacin overload may be involved in the increased prevalence of obesity in US children’ which has suggested that by increasing the intake of niacin in diet you can directly increase your appetite. However, this effect is not helpful for those who are trying to lose their weight but the drawback of this study was that it was performed only on children which need to be further performed on adult. Caffeine Anhydrous and its clinical studies Several studies have been done on Caffeine Anhydrous to prove its effect on weight loss. One of the study mentioned was ‘Relationship between basal metabolic rate, thermogenic response to caffeine’ and body weight loss which is followed by combined low calorie and exercise in obese women. The finding of the study has shown that obese women who are undergoing medication are easily losing weight as compared to the women who are not taking medication. Piperine and its clinical studies One study named ‘Piperine, a Component of Black Pepper, Inhibits Adipogenesis by Antagonizing PPARY Activity in 3T3-L1 Cells’ that studied effect of black pepper on fat cells. The study showed that piperine content transmits in the genes that control the generation of fat cell. The group who has performed this study mentioned piperine is helpful in the treatment for obesity related disease. 5-HTP and its clinical studies Several studies have been done on 5-HTP to show that it can help in losing body weight. The study named ‘The effects of oral 5-hydroxytryptophan administration on feeding behavior in obese adult female subjects’ showed that those people who are consuming 5-HTP tend to lose weight easily as compared to those who are not taking it without undergoing any fixed diet or exercise. Other studies performed on 5-HTPmentioned that it can help in depression, headaches, insomnia and migraines. To prove the effectiveness of Capsiplex in human body a study was conducted at University of Oklahoma where twenty-five volunteers undergo this study. The age of these volunteers were between ten and thirty with double blind randomized placebo controlled on cross over study. All the volunteers’ weights were measured, blood was taken and then they were split into two groups. First group took Capsiplex in diet and other one took placebo for one week. After one week both groups were swapped, the result which came out was people consuming Capsiplex burnt 3times more calorie before doing exercise, 3 percent more during exercise and 12 times more calories after exercise compared to those consuming placebo. During this study group, consuming Capsiplex showed no sign of side effect. The manufacturers still states that the results mentioned is not 100 percent true and more test should be conducted. The study which was conducted in that it was not a clear double blind placebo test because the subjects knew whether they are consuming Capsiplex or placebo. Due to this reason more test needs to be done for clarity. Many studies and trials were done on Capsiplex and its ingredients to show that it helps in losing weight but these trials were done on small population as if only 100 subjects were tested. So it cannot be concluded by taking few subjects that it is safe for most of the people. Capsiplex Plus Review It is clinically proven that by taking Capsiplex in diet can help you in losing weight by burning your fat; however it cannot be ignored that some people face unavoidable side effects. These side effects at certain level are true in some. Claimed weight loss benefits from Capsiplex UK Several manufacturers have claimed that Capsiplex is a fat burner and metabolic booster. Capsiplex UK Results The red capsule Capsiplex UK is very potent and fast acting. Several users have reported of seeing difference in them after taking Capsiplex in first week. For first week after taking one capsule a day subject is experiencing regular loss in body weight. With the consumption of Capsiplex if you are taking maintained diet and doing regular exercise can lead to fast decrease in weight but this is not the case in everyone. Other weight losing supplements require more amount of time on working but this capsule start working immediately. The makers have claimed that by taking Capsiplex in proper amount with regular exercise you can lose up to 278 extra calories in a day. Speed of results: the result shown after consuming pills is very fast because capsicum is strong naturally occurring ingredient that people will start losing weight very fast. With this pill still you need to do regular exercise, hard work and proper dieting to lose very fast. Appetite Suppression: this pill really do not work in this field, still you can feel slight helping hand with appetite. Long Term Results: slimming supplements do not provide long term weight loss solution for this you need to do regular exercise and dieting. Capsiplex is also used for short term and quick weight loss. If you are thinking to lose weight for time by using Capsiplex than you are wrong as after some time you will again have weight increase because of weight cycling. Safety: this topic is one of the strong points which needs to be taken in concern while consuming slimming pills. The makers of Capsiplex has made certain good points as this pill directly enters intestine bypassing stomach so that it does not affect your stomach. With this fact you will not face stomach related side effects but can face heart related problems as we are consuming chili pepper in diet which is very strong in nature. Value for money: slimming pills are costlier in rate but Capsiplex pill is cheaper as compared to other high rated pills so it has value for money. If you are consuming Capsiplex pill you need to take it for large duration as it can give you desired result in short span of time.