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TeaTox with 100% Natural Flavourings- If you have ever wondered why tea is the most popular globally consumed drink after water and milk, you will be pleased to learn that there are numerous health benefits that come along with the consumption of this wonderful beverage. Teagime stands for ‘Tea Regime’ and in order to showcase the wonders that tea can do for your health, we at Teagime have created custom designed ‘teatox’ programmes that will make you feel rejuvenated, based on which ingredients work best for your body and health needs. We are all individuals with our own likes and dislikes. We have a unique set of requirements in terms of the food we eat and the beverages we drink. All of us function at different energy levels and have different health requirements; as a result Teagime’s teatox programmes are carefully selected based on an individual’s requirements. We believe that no two women are alike so we wouldn’t want one size to fit all where our tea is concerned. There are various factors to take into consideration while creating a customized teatox programme such as skin and health conditions, caffeine intake requirements, menstrual cycles, digestive conditions etc. Once we collect this vital information from you, we would provide you with a teatox programme that is best suited to your energy and health needs. There are other products on the market that claim to offer teatox solutions, but these generally come with a host of side effects. These products do not have the kind of customized programmes that Teagime provides and this results in either flavours that won’t suit you, added laxatives that are not good for your gut, or ingredients that are not 100% natural. Teagime packs in 100% natural ingredients into each cup of teatox and we aim to keep you healthy, focussing on different herbs and ingredients for different seasons. This means that during the cold winter months, you will stay warm with your customised cup of teatox and when the flu season arrives your immune system will be ready to combat anything that tries to give you the sniffles. One of the best methods of extracting all the goodness out of loose leafed tea is to use infusion. When you place your first order, we put in two completely free silicone tea infusers, which are easy to use and will allow you to truly experience all the aromas and flavours that are part of a really great cup of Teagime’s teatox. Great taste and aroma are not the only benefits of a good cup of Teagime, those are just the start. The main health benefits that are to be gained are from being able to lose weight naturally, improve your immune system, help with digestion and metabolism, detox naturally and a host of other benefits. Once you try our two-week Teagime course you will start to see for yourself how a natural, customised teatox programme can make a difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. You don’t have to rely on a generalised detoxing programme that will do you more harm than good and you won’t have to wait for months and years to see results. You can start to change your health right away by taking the first step of your 14-day Teagime today! Teatox Programme A teatox programme is meant to have a multitude of benefits. These include internal and external benefits ranging from better digestion to clearer skin. Some of the benefits that you can expect from your custom Teagime are as follows: Improved rate of metabolism Higher energy levels that allow you to be more productive Helps the liver detoxify the body Helps improve circulation Helps you trim down and lose weight by burning fat Helps you keep off the sugar by reducing cravings Overall health is improved as a result of a combined effect of all the above points We realise that everyone needs a different approach in terms of achieving their health goals. In order to address this issue we provide a questionnaire when you sign up for your Teagime and this helps us create an ideal plan for you with select ingredients that will get you ready to hit your goals. Whether it is losing weight or getting clearer skin, once you get going with your customised plan you will be feeling better before you know it. We take you through the process of the 14-day teatox one day at a time, this makes the process easy to follow and fun as well! A teatox helps get rid of toxins from the body and drinking a cup of tea three times a day helps with this process. Once you receive our tea in the mail you will be provided with an easy-to-use booklet that informs you of all the ingredients that are present in the tea as well as how to use the tea infuser. Things cannot get easier than that and you will find yourself reaching for the infuser more often than not. There are various toxins that get accumulated in the body. This can be a result of our lifestyles, the food we eat and the drinks that we consume. Over a period of time, when these toxins build up our health can be seriously affected and we need to take timely measures to insure that we keep our bodies healthy and on track. Many people propose alternative medicines or other options in order to combat toxins in the body; however these are not scientifically proven and can have adverse effects if one is not careful about what is consumed. Teagime provides a complete list of ingredients along with each package so that you are aware of what is contained in your tea. All ingredients are natural and are designed to be in sync with your body, based on the answers you provide in the initial questionnaire. The benefits of Teagime are not restricted to just a detox programme, one of the things that our happy customers give us feedback about is the wonderful taste that accompanies a cup of our teatox. Waking up in the morning and drinking a beautifully infused cup of tea can set the tone for the day and there is nothing better than that warm fresh feeling flow over you as you take that first sip of Teagime. How TeaTox works The main concept behind Teagime is to send you the perfect blend of tea based on your health requirements. In order to get you what you need, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire before you order your 14-day teatox programme. Questionnaire The questionnaire gives us the best insight into what we should include in your customised blend. We ask you a variety of questions, some are related to what your main health goals are, while others ask you about height, weight and activity. The information that you fill out here gives us indicators as to what ingredients would best suit your goals. These goals could be for getting better skin or having more energy to get through the day. Other questions that you will be asked as part of the initial questionnaire are whether you are taking any birth control pills, or whether you have alcohol and tobacco use in your daily life. We also ask you whether your periods have been regular and whether you have constipation or cold hands and feet. Apart from the health-related questions we ask you about your tastes as well. Whether you like fruity or flowery flavours or maybe you would prefer not to have spicy and minty flavours. All these questions add up and we build a case for offering you the best blends for your day. Schedule Once the questionnaire is filled out, along with your contact and delivery information you can place your payment and await the shipment of your customised box of Teagime blends. The box will contain three distinct Teagime blends (made by hand), along with an information booklet, 2 silicone tea infusers (first box only) and an introduction booklet. These are valuable and give you vital information about the contents of the tea, as well as how you should be splitting up the cups of teatox across the day. Your tea will automatically reach you every 2 weeks, unless you cancel your order, which you can do at any time under the ‘Manage your Teagime page’ after you login. The three main steps of the teatox programme include having a cup of a specific Teagime blend in the morning, afternoon and evening. Here are what each of the blends do for you: Teagime Morning tea – This blend will help your day get off to a great start, as it is designed to kick start your metabolism and energy levels. This also leads to natural and healthy weight loss, which is a great benefit of Teagime teatoxes. Teagime Afternoon tea – For most people, afternoons mean mid-day sugar cravings. This is a result of the dreaded afternoon slump, where our digestive systems are looking for that extra bit of sugar. Teagime’s afternoon blend takes care of these cravings and keeps you going all the way to the evening cup. Teagime Evening tea – The evening teatox is one that a vast majority of Teagime users look forward to. This last cup of the day helps you unwind, detox and keep the tummy in order so that you can get a great night’s sleep. Having a restless night can slow down the detox process and can have adverse health effects as well, so don’t forget that last warm cup of Teagime before you sleep. TeaTox FAQs What does Teagime stand for? The main concept behind Teagime is creating a highly customised and unique “Tea Regime” that will cater to individual needs, since we are not all the same and our health needs are different as well. How does Teagime differ from other products? Teagime stands out from the myriad of other products by being 100% natural and without the presence of preservatives, flavourings or laxatives. When you answer the questions that are asked during the purchase of a Teagime plan, we study your needs thoroughly and only send you a teatox that suits your health and energy needs by using select herbs and ingredients. Can I choose the specific ingredients in my tea? You can leave a note for us to leave out or add any specific ingredients when you sign up and we will customise your blend. What will be in the Teagime box? The Teagime box will include a mix of freshly blended tea, herbs, two infusers (with your first box) and an ingredients booklet. We offer a morning, afternoon and evening blend which contain tea that is specific for each part of the day. What is the cost and how do I send payment for Teagime? For our standard 14-day programme you will be paying £29.99. You can pay using a stored credit or debit card and in case you are not satisfied with the product, we will cover return charges and either refund or replace the product with 7 days of receipt. Can deliveries be cancelled? You can cancel by signing in to your account and clicking on ‘Cancel my Subscription’ under ‘Manage my Teagime’. If my box doesn’t arrive on time what can I do? You can email us on contact(at)teagime.com and let us know in case your box is a day late. We send our parcels through Royal Mail and our boxes do arrive on time, unless there is delay for reasons that are beyond what we can control. What quantity of Teagime will I receive with each box? There will be more than enough tea to fill 3 teaspoons per serving. We account for 3 servings in the day and a perfect serving will be measured out by the infuser that is included in your first box. Will there be any caffeine in my Teagime? This depends on your preference. Our morning and afternoon blends may contain some caffeine based on your inputs. We do not include any caffeine in any of our evening blends. Is there a diet plan that comes along with the box and does Teagime replace my meals? Teagime is not to be used as a replacement for meals and should make you want to eat healthy food due to the effect of the herbs. Will there be a limit to how often I can order Teagime? We will send you a different blend fortnightly so that the fun never stops! Is there a way to check expiry dates? Yes, in the ingredient information sheet. Are there any nuts or gluten in Teagime? We do not use nuts in our teas and they are hand blended which nullifies the risk of cross-contamination. Also we do not believe that any of our herbs contain gluten. Will taking Teagime affect my baby if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? We would not recommend taking Teagime when you are pregnant and breastfeeding, as there isn’t enough research to support that the herbs are completely safe in these conditions. Some herbs do have effects on menstrual flow, uterine contractions and hormonal levels. Will taking Teagime nullify or modify the effect of the Pill? We will take extra precaution to not include any hormone-modulating herbs if you mention on the questionnaire that you are on the pill. We do not include any vomiting or diarrhoea-inducing laxatives, so our blends should not hamper the effect of the Pill. Reviews Monica What I really loved about Teagime is that they customise the blend for you. I do not like mint and when I filled out the form I informed them and guess what, I got great tasting, mint-free tea that worked wonders for me. I also loved the little tea infusers that came with my first order, they fit just the right amount of tea and I can carry one with me easily wherever I go. I have finished the first two weeks and I just cannot get out of this great routine and have ordered my next box already! Helen I used to drink the regular one-size-fits-all teas that other companies provide and I have never felt fully satisfied. I cannot recall a time when I was completely happy with the tea that I was drinking, it was either too bitter or had too much ginger or left me feeling bloated. With Teagime, all I felt was really healthy from the inside out. That last cup of tea at night leaves me feeling warm and comfortable and it really helps me get a great night’s sleep. Krystal I had issues with skin breakouts and I had tried every other teatox on the market. Some were downright scary as I heard that they affect your hormones and other things, yikes! Reluctantly I tried Teagime as well and they have slowly won me over. I have noticed that my skin breakouts have reduced a lot since I started the plan a month ago and for the first time I notice a definite glow on my skin. I cannot believe the results I have seen in just a month, when others took years to not have any effect. Jane For the serious tea connoisseur there can be nothing better than receiving your own customised tea blend in the mail. To be able to chose what you need based on what you know works for your body is the best thing I could have asked for from a tea company. Teagime just blew me away with how professional they were with the delivery and packaging, not to mention the brilliantly blended cup of teatox that sits on my table every morning, noon and evening. Just love it! Sophie The best thing about Teagime was that they included some beautiful natural herbs and ingredients, including rose and ginger. Each cup of teatox has this distinct aroma, which just makes you melt into their blends. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I need to do is make myself a cup of Teagime, which just takes me through the day, all the way to the afternoon cup and then guess what, before I know it, it’s time for the evening blend that relaxes me completely and takes all my worries away. If you have not tried Teagime yet, you are missing out one something truly wonderful. I never thought that tea would make such a big change in my life, but I really feel that extra energy that has put a zip in my step after I started with Teagime.